Help for employees with mental health problems particularly those on long-term sickness?

Cherry Tree Nursery in Northbourne and Chestnut Nursery in Poole are part of the registered charity Sheltered Work Opportunities Project.  Established in 1990, our aims and objectives are to provide support, community and rehabilitation to adults experiencing mental illness through the use of therapeutic horticulture in a safe and non-pressured environment.


There is no charge for our beneficiaries, who come from all walks of life, nor are there minimum or maximum limits on how long they remain with us. Referrals come from Community Mental Health Teams, GP’s, counsellors and we also accept self-referrals in recognition of how difficult it can be to access help from the oversubscribed mental health services.


We are always keen to extend the help and support we offer beyond the traditional referral pathways.


Many adults struggle to stay in employment when suffering mental illness, often resulting in long-term sickness, and it can be difficult for them to return to employment after an absence.  Loss of self-esteem, confidence and motivation can be major factors in rehabilitation and recovery; it is vital that people retain structure, routine and purpose in their lives during these times.


We would like to reach out to local employers, large or small, and make their HR departments aware of us and what we can offer. Employees on sick leave would benefit enormously from coming to Cherry Tree or Chestnut Nurseries as part of their recovery and eventual return to work. It is important to mention again that we do not charge beneficiaries who attend our project, our income comes from the sale of garden plants and fundraising initiatives. We would hope that employees spending time with us during their recovery, and employers signposting their staff, would naturally promote our cause and we would raise our profile within the community.

DSC_0433 (1)

Please feel free to contact me for more information or for to discuss a referral.


Tish Borrowman

Nursery Manager, Cherry Tree Nursery

01202 593537



Cherry Tree Nursery is a project of SWOP (Sheltered Work Opportunities Project) which is a registered charity. The project provides meaningful work in a supportive and pressure-free environment, for adults with severe and enduring mental illness.

The Sheltered Work Opportunities Project is a registered charity (No 900325) and a company limited by guarantee (No 2449757).

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