Employer Advisory Board

Bournemouth & Poole College are seeking employers to join their Employer Advisory Board for Business and Finance.

They are looking for employers to work with them to advise and shape the curriculum content for their students to ensure that their teaching and training is addressing local and national needs.

They will meet 3 times a year (once per term). The first meeting is 5th December 2018 at the Lansdowne Campus.

If you feel you would like to help them create the work force of the future, please get in touch with Vickie Reynolds on


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New Autumn Exhibition

China through the lens of John Thomson, (1868 -1872)

2 November 2018 – 2 June 2019

The Russell-Cotes autumn exhibition, opening on 2 November, will feature the stunning photographs of China in the 1860s and 1870s taken by legendary photographer, John Thomson (1837 – 1921).  Thomson spent four years photographing the regions of China and produced iconic photographs of people and places.  Such is the range, depth and aesthetic quality of his work that he is regarded as one of the most influential photographers of his generation.  Visitors will see iconic photographs of China reproduced on a large, sometimes life-size, scale accompanied by objects collected by Merton and Annie Russell-Cotes on their visit to China a decade later.

Edinburgh-born, John Thomson was a photographer and travel writer who set off for Hong Kong in 1868 and over the next four years, undertook several major journeys to Beijing, Fujian and Guangdong travelling down both the Yangtse and the Min Rivers. He captured a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, people, architecture, domestic and street scenes. As a foreigner, Thomson’s ability to gain access to photograph women was particularly remarkable. Whether photographing the rich and famous or people in the streets going about their everyday business, Thomson’s desire was to present a faithful account of the people he encountered.  This body of work established him as a pioneer of photojournalism.  

Thomson travelled to China only two decades after the invention of photography. Cameras were large and heavy.  He used the wet collodion process where images were exposed on a glass negative in complete darkness, in a portable darkroom tent on location.  He travelled with a large number of cumbersome crates, glass plates and bottles of highly flammable and poisonous chemicals. Given that his arduous journeys took him through difficult terrains, sometimes to regions where the Chinese had never seen a white man before, it is all the moreremarkable that Thomson was able to make photographs of such beauty and sensitivity.  

Thomson’s collection of 700 glass plates travelled back to Britain in 1872 and since 1921 have been housed by the Wellcome Library, London.  The photographs are reproduced from original glass plates on a large, sometimes life-size scale.

At the Russell-Cotes the photographs will be shown alongside items from the Museum’s own collection.  Museum founders, Merton and Annie Russell-Cotes, who were contemporaries of Thomson, visited China in 1885, little more than 10 years after Thomson himself and would therefore have recognised Thomson’s views.  They too were interested by China and its culture and brought back souvenirs and decorative arts as well as collecting further items in Britain.  The collections now include ‘Lotus’ shoes for bound feet, mandarin sceptres, ceramics, hair ornaments, opium pipes and musical instruments.   The exhibition offers an opportunity to see objects from the Russell-Cotes Chinese collections alongside photographs of them in use in their original context.

Exhibition curator, Betty Yao said ‘it is very exciting that John Thomson’s wonderful photographs will be seen in Bournemouth and in the context of the beautiful Russell-CotesArt Gallery and their historic Chinese collection. It will offer an extraordinary insight into 19th century China and into the views, perceptions and interests of British travellers such as Thomson and the Russell-Cotes who were among the first tourists and travellers.

China through the lens of John Thomson runs from Friday 2 November until 2 June 2019. It will be accompanied by a range of talks, demonstrations and family events.

Bournemouth’s Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is situated on the East Cliff with fantastic views of the coastline.  It is open from 10am to 5pm, Tuesday-Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays.

Purpose.Money have joined the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce
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Purposeful investing

The team at Purposeful.Money are delighted to have joined the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce and are looking forward to helping the town and community develop. Purposeful.Money are a Chartered firm of financial planners on a mission to help the transition to a sustainable economy. Our business involves ensuring that pensions and ISAs are invested in the most sustainable, socially responsible way possible, and to continue improving the options available through our work with fund and investment houses.

Think about your own pension… You could probably name the provider, maybe even the fund or funds that the money was held in, but would you know which stock the fund was using? Or what their investment criteria was? We frequently speak to clients who are very concerned about sustainability issues, perhaps going so far as to donate their time or money to charity, and at the same time unknowingly hold an investment or pension which is supporting specific companies or sectors that they may be wholeheartedly against. We are very proud of the fact that after several years of research and development, our portfolios are 100% free of fossil fuel extraction and exploration companies.

We’d be delighted to offer any BCTC members a no commitment review of any personal pension or ISA, and explain what we find, including any of the infamous ‘hidden’ costs or charges which maybe lurking within the scheme. We are also very keen to establish on-going partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses to help with the overall mission of improving ‘business as usual’. There are so many problems which need creative attention, and working together will be a key way of overcoming them.

To keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of socially responsible investing, please subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Street Support Re-launch (5 Oct 2018)


Mary (not her real name) ended up on the street in her 50s because of domestic abuse – she found her way to Sleepsafe and off the street for the winter – one year later people have helped her get a flat, volunteer, learn new skills and regain her self-confidence – Good News… but what would have happened if she hadn’t had someone to help her find local support.

18 months ago, charities and agencies working to help rough sleepers get off (and stay off!) the streets in Bournemouth had 3 challenges put to them;
– first – do we actually know what each other are doing to help
– second – people kept asking “what can we do?” – they wanted to help but had no idea how
– third, students from the University were saying “is there any help actually out there – there’s nowhere to find out who does what and when”.

Roll on to summer 2018, and these organisations including YMCA, Big Issue, Shelter, BCHA, Citizens Advice, Bournemouth Foodbank, Faithworks in tandem with the Councils, the University and Health teams have brought to the town.
This one stop website brings into one place all the help in the town, and all the opportunities for people of goodwill to get involved.

And the impact – well, rough sleepers can get help quicker – advisors can flick onto the system and see who else is well placed to give help there and then; people who want to help can see the needs and volunteering opportunities that fit them. And we think this will really help local businesses to know how to respond to the issue of homelessness on their door-step.

On Friday 5th October, we start the next stage of the local Street Support story. Conor Burns, Martin Underhill and people from across all sectors of life are meeting to commit themselves to the project that is now conurbation wide, and to launch “Change for Good” – a simple alternative and independently managed way for people to give money to homelessness work in the town

There couldn’t be a more pertinent example of how change will only come when everyone can see how they can play their part. Come
along to the BCHA Factory in
Alderhills on the 5th at 2pm to be in on the next stage of town-wide transformation!” (

Alistair Doxat-Purser
Chief Executive, Faithworks Wessex

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Would you like to join our Board of Trustees? Dorset Advocacy

Dorset Advocacy is a charitable organisation based at Poundbury in Dorchester. We cover the geographical area of Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.

We work with people with physical disabilities, who have ill health or learning disabilities and people with dementia and autism. We make sure that their voices are heard and their rights are respected. We are passionate about supporting people to have choice and control in their lives. We have 30 advocates and 60 volunteers who supported over 4000 people over the last year. We are very proud of our achievements.

We are looking for 2 people who are willing to apply their professional skills to support our organisation. One of these roles requires someone with a strategic finance or accountancy background, to help us to appraise the viability of project proposals, diversify income streams, assist with our pricing models and help us plan for our long-term sustainability.

If you share our passion and could use your commercial, strategic, or financial acumen to support us to meet our strategic objectives, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact our Chief Executive – Mike Pochin on: 01305 251033, to find out more.
For more information about the organisation please see our website:

for more information on this blog contact Richard Wills (Trustee)