Purpose.Money have joined the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce
Corporate Social Responsiblity accreditation scheme, Purposeful investing

Purposeful investing

The team at Purposeful.Money are delighted to have joined the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce and are looking forward to helping the town and community develop. Purposeful.Money are a Chartered firm of financial planners on a mission to help the transition to a sustainable economy. Our business involves ensuring that pensions and ISAs are invested in the most sustainable, socially responsible way possible, and to continue improving the options available through our work with fund and investment houses.

Think about your own pension… You could probably name the provider, maybe even the fund or funds that the money was held in, but would you know which stock the fund was using? Or what their investment criteria was? We frequently speak to clients who are very concerned about sustainability issues, perhaps going so far as to donate their time or money to charity, and at the same time unknowingly hold an investment or pension which is supporting specific companies or sectors that they may be wholeheartedly against. We are very proud of the fact that after several years of research and development, our portfolios are 100% free of fossil fuel extraction and exploration companies.

We’d be delighted to offer any BCTC members a no commitment review of any personal pension or ISA, and explain what we find, including any of the infamous ‘hidden’ costs or charges which maybe lurking within the scheme. We are also very keen to establish on-going partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses to help with the overall mission of improving ‘business as usual’. There are so many problems which need creative attention, and working together will be a key way of overcoming them.

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